CSE Team

Team CS Ecuador

National Leadership – Samuel & Jamie Tapia Betancourt

Samuel and Jamie met at the CS chapter in Guayaquil and now lead the Montañita chapter. Samuel loves the Lord and loves surfing. Both these loves have led him to open his own surf website, shape boards, launch a sunscreen brand and just love everything ocean related. Jamie is happy to follow along and running a beach hotel as her full time job also helps. Together they have one son and 15 additional children, each a beloved member of the Montañita chapter.


Board members – Buff & Lana Ness

Pastors Buff and Lana came to Ecuador from the USA, leaving their retirement and obeying the Lord to start a church for the expat community in Salinas. They both love Ecuador and love to serve the local community which is why Church on the beach (COTB) is now a growing church with services both in English and Spanish. We also love them dearly which is why COTB is the home church of many CS members and both Buford and Lana are active CS board members.


Board members – Jorge & Mariuxi Edgecombe Viteri

Jorge Edgecombe is CS Ecuador founder and first national director. He successfully led the mission in Guayaquil for 4 years also doubling as a part time matchmaker (4 happily married couples can be counted as the many fruits of the Guayaquil chapter). He loves the Lord and loves adventure which led him to start surfing at his forties and drag his whole family with him. His wife Mariuxi and daughter Viviana now love paddleboarding and his son Christian and Lucas surf also, Lucas having competed at major international events as a junior surfer.


Board member Jeff Karram

Jeff is Canadian born but he likes to think of himself as latin American. He loves Ecuador and Ecuadorean waves when they are good. He is a filmmaker mastermind and runs a successful film production company in Guayaquil where he lives with his wife Isabel and their two daughters Isabela and Paz. His love for the Lord and long surfing expertise have made him a permanent CS brother and CS Ecuador board member.


Board member – Alcides “Che” Guerrero

Better known as Che, Alcides’s contribution to ecuadorean surfing is immense. Having dedicated most of his youth to surfing he was one of the founders of the Alas Latin tour and a key member of the Ecuadorean Surfing Federation. He came to the Lord later in life and hasn’t looked back ever since. He owns a surf hostel in Montañita where the local CS chapter meets and is a member of the CS board of directors.



Montañita Chapter Founders – Joaquin & Angie Cruz Malone

Joaquin and Angie are one of those couples who are perfect for each other. They both love the Lord, the ocean and architecture design. They originally founded the CS Montañita Chapter where they persevered for a year with only a couple of kids until the Lord brought growth. They now live in Medellin Colombia with their two beautiful children Esteban & Olivia, but will forever be an important part of CS Ecuador.